Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What customers ask about Arka Premium Milk, Purity, Delivery, Quality etc.

1. What is Arka Premium Milk?
Arka premium farm fresh cow milk (A2 Milk), is sourced from locally grazed desi cows. This milk is 100% pure and no chemicals, no adulteration, no fertilizers added to it. Arka Premium Milk is delivered directly from source of collection to your door step.

2. Where does it come from?
Milk comes from our dairy farm where desi cows are living in cruelty free environment with utmost caring facilities and delivered to your home every day.

3. What makes it so good?
Arka cow milk is wholesome & full of natural goodness. Due to highest possible production standards, it has multiple benefits over your current packet milk:
• Higher Nutritional Value. (Omega 3, CLA, PUFA and Vitamin E).
• Untouched by Human Hands: – Cows are milked ensuring zero human contact.
• No Artificial Growth Hormones: – Cows are never injected with hormones to boost milk yield.
• No Antibiotics or Steroids: – When the cows fall sick, they are treated properly.
• No Pesticides: – We grow our own cattle feed across acres of land, ensuring the milk we produce is 100% toxin free.
• No Skimmed Milk Powder: – Unlike packet milk we do not add milk powder to standardize our milk.

4. How can I be assured of Purity?
A national level survey carried out by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has found that adulteration and higher than permissible level of antibiotic residues in milk remains a problem in the country, though the instances could be much fewer than what is generally perceived. Large portion of Milk sold in the India is unsafe and adulterated. Most of the milk sold today by standalone dairies and even trusted milk brands could be laced with urea, detergents, paints, or formalin.
Arka cow milk is delivered everyday with 100% guarantee of purity! Milk only comes from our dairy farms and not collected from unknown sources. From cow’s udder till your doorstep, it undergoes stringent quality checks and care to ensure what you get is 100% pure & safe.

5. Does it taste different?
Arka milk is truly the best tasting milk! It is unprocessed & naturally produced to have a rich sweet taste, creamy texture, and an enchanting aroma that many of you might have forgotten due to dependence on poor quality packet milk.

6. Do I need to boil this milk?
Arka cow milk is delivered truly as it is. So, the milk must be boiled before consumption.

7. How long can I store Arka Milk?
We always advise consumption of farm fresh cow milk the same day of delivery. The shelf life of milk is 2 hours under refrigeration at around 4ºC.

8. Is this milk ideal for children?
Higher Omega-3, one of the best brain foods, along with high levels of CLA and Calcium make this milk most recommended for young children and expecting mothers. Moreover, presence of active lactose enzymes helps promote faster and full digestion of milk.

9. Is it good for the health conscious?

Arka Cow Milk is Naturally LOW FAT, contains in between 4 to 4.5 percent fat. This naturally occurring fat provides wholesome nutrition without the risk of obesity.

10. Great, how can I order Arka Milk?

It is simple! Just Submit The Form Here and book your delivery in a snap. Our representative will contact you and offer you for delivery. You can also order milk through WhatsApp and phone call (+919583906301)

11. How the milk is delivered?

The milk is delivered in pouch packet. The milk is also delivered through Milk Bottle. For milk bottle milk, you must take monthly subscription. For more details, please contact us at +919583906301.

12. How do I pay for Arka Milk?

You can pay for milk by online mode like UPI, Bar Code and Cash on Delivery.

13. Why are your delivery timings?

Delivery is done every morning between 6:00 AM to 09:00 AM.